Gold Leaf Art in Vancouver

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It's such a thrill to see my gold leaf art hanging in Brougham's Baker Furniture gallery in Vancouver.

Thank you Mark for representing my art and thank you Jeffery for doing a great job of hanging it. 

"Gold Leaf Diptych" 48 x 60 inches

Patricia Gray - Gold Leaf with Resin on Canvas

This is a gold leaf diptych in progress in my studio. It has few more steps to go and it will be ready to have a resin finish applied.

Here I am in the studio applying the finishing layer of resin to a Gold Leaf Diptych. I am using a blow torch to cover every inch of the surface to eliminate bubbles and create a mirror like finish.

Patricia Gray is a contemporary Canadian artist working from her studio in Vancouver.

So is itGold Leaf Art in Vancouver

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